ESP - Ethreal Ssl Plugin for decryption

ESP code has been merged into ethereal since ethereal version 0.99. Ethereal has changed name into wireshark. All the bug fix and new features are merged directly into the wireshark source code. Use wireshark for better functionality and support

ESP is en external plugin for ethereal.

It enables decryption of ssl v.3 and tls v.l sessions. Providing the server private key you can decrypt in real time the encrypted application level data. The decrypted data is re-inserted into the ethreal dissection process, so you can get decoding information about the html text transported into an https session.

Currently the ssl decryption functionality is provided by both an external plugin and a patch to be applyed to the ethereal source code

See the README and INSTALL files for more informations about the ssl decryption and how to use the plugin.

ESP was created by Paolo Abeni (me...) and it is licensed under the GPL.


You can download the plugin source code and binary packages, the patch for various ethereal version here.

CVS access

The source code can be accessed directly on the cvs server. Use the following steps:

Source Forge resources

Go here for the SourceForge project info page: downloads, bug reports, and so on...

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